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We are helping global brands mint their digital copyrighted content into NFT products, and merchandise to fans and collectors at a global scale.  

Provide brands with an online market that converts their digital copyrighted content into NFT encrypted products and sells them directly to a large number of fans, provides second-hand transactions for collectors, provides blockchain authentication protection for NFT digital assets, and provides local service support for global users , These are the three major challenges we face.

CNFT is built by a senior high-tech team in the United States, using advanced technology of blockchain, NFT and Defi to solve these challenges.

As the owner of copyrighted digital content, brand owners can create their own NFT stores on multiple regional CNFT platforms to forge and sell NFT encrypted digital products to the mass market, and any collector will be able to resell their collections. The CNFT platform charges a 15% service fee.

CNFT will launch regional CNFT trading markets in stages. In October 2021, the first phase of CNFT.us will be launched as the global NFT market, which is priced and settled in U.S. dollars. Later on, CNFT.asia of Asia Pacific NFT market and CNFT.one of China NFT market will be launched successively. Each regional NFT trading platform will support local storage of user information and local payment services, and manage unified NFT digital assets through smart contracts and decentralized file storage systems on interconnected global blockchains.