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To achieve effective governance of CNFT global marketplace platform, the 100 billions CNFTG tokens are issued and is available from DeFi crypto exchange QuickSwap, as low as $0.0002 per CNFTG token. Read more from FAQ.

For bulk CNFTG token purchase by amounts 1-10 ETH:

Transfer ETH amount from your crypto wallet address to CNFTG wallet address shown below.

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  • CNFT is built by a seasoned high-tech team in the United States, using advanced technology of blockchain, NFT, and Defi to solve these challenges.
  • CNFT will launch regional CNFT trading markets in stages. In October 2021, the first phase of will be launched as the global NFT market, which is priced and settled in U.S. dollars. Later on, of Asia Pacific NFT market and of China NFT market will be launched successively. Each regional NFT trading platform will support local storage of user information and local payment services, and manage unified NFT digital assets through smart contracts and decentralized file storage systems on interconnected global blockchains.
  • As the owner of copyrighted digital content, brand owners can create their own NFT stores on multiple regional CNFT platforms to mint and sell NFT encrypted digital products to the mass market, and any collector will be able to resell their collections. The CNFT platform charges a 15% service fee.
  • Digital content creators can open their own branded stores after passing verification on the platform and can establish their own collection accounts on the payment gateway. Brand stores can be artists, photographers, film/TV production companies, companies, or clubs.
  • The store administrator only needs to upload the text introduction, pictures, or short video of the digital content, set the sales price and the NFT issuance quantity, after submitting and passing the review, the platform will mint the digital content into a limited edition NFT and store it in the brand store release.
  • The platform provides users with free crypto wallets. Users can register or log in via email, use credit cards to pay for the first-hand NFT digital assets released by the brand store and store them in their own crypto wallets. Brand stores will receive 85% of sales revenue.
  • Holders of NFT digital assets can list their collections in their crypto wallets for resale.
  • Copyright content creators, especially film, TV and documentary production organizations, companies or associations can edit their historical videos into short videos of brilliant moments as NFTs and sell them to public fans, members and collectors at their own price, quantity and policy. 
  • The power of social networks enables professional short videos with historical significance to be promoted to thousands of fans with NFT digital assets, bringing considerable economic benefits to brand products and forming a collector community.
  • NFT collectors can get free crypto wallet to hold, display, share or resell their NFT collections.
  • The future CNFT value-added service function will also allow NFT collectors to rent out collections and exchange collections with other NFT owners.
  • The world’s first multi-region NFT trading platform with branded stores. The global blockchain stores NFT digital assets and smart contracts, and the decentralized file system stores digital content. Both provide APIs for regional CNFT websites. The regional CNFT market website stores user data in its local database to comply with KYC and user data privacy, and manages brand store setting policies, payment gateways, etc. to comply with content copyright, IP licensing and tax issues.
  • issues CNFTG tokens for for the construction and governance of The maximum supply of CNFTG tokens is 100 billion and will be publicly traded on the Defi cryptocurrency exchange QuickSwap in Q4 2021. The initial transaction price is as low as $0.0002 per CNFT token.
  • 5% of platform revenue will be used to repurchase CNFTG tokens from Defi exchange, half will be used to destroy CNFTG tokens to deflate CNFTG tokens, and the other half will be retained and rewarded to CNFT when publicly traded on centralized crypto exchanges Token holders.
  • Anyone can become a CNFT platform token holder through the Defi Exchange QuickSwap, participate in the construction and governance of the platform, and enjoy its value-added success. EZVerse is the world’s first mobile app metaverse social platform where members can use ezPoints to post their purposeful tweets on selected topic community, build their own properties on selected virtual land lots.

More and more amazing artists are joining the CNFT platform and their creations deserve proper recognition and sharing ! It is the privilege of to promote the best and the brightest with the world !

Members of CNFT, Thank you for your outpouring support and concerns. Login issue has been resolved now and please try again, and thank you for your patience.

The goal of CNFT is to continuously enhance the user experienced based on feedback collected from.. well, its users !

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