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CNFT Global Marketplace

Digital content creators can open their own branded stores after passing verification on the CNFT.us platform and can establish their own collection accounts on the payment gateway. Brand stores can be artists, photographers, film/TV production companies, companies, or clubs.

The store administrator only needs to upload the text introduction, pictures or short video of the digital content, set the sales price and the NFT issuance quantity, after submitting and passing the review, the CNFT.us platform will mint the digital content into a limited edition NFT and store it in the brand store release.

The CNFT.us platform provides users with free crypto wallets. Users can register or log in via email, use credit cards to pay for the first-hand NFT digital assets released by the brand store and store them in their own crypto wallets. Brand stores will receive 85% of sales revenue.

Holders of NFT digital assets can list their collections in their crypto wallets for resale.

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